Monday, 27 July 2015

Cross Country

I was hardy thinking I need to BEAT Liam from room 13 that was my goal to beat him.
I thinking move it was worth it every lap. By Tyler

When the race clappers went slam I felt rigid I felt like I had butterfly's in my stomic. by lachie

I was coming second on my second lap but all of a sudden Keira pelted past me. By Olivia.G

It felt like there was some kid of carnivorous creature with it's jaws locked to my side aswell as tightly clamping it's self to my leg along with his pal doing the same thing on the other side.
By Owen Wheeler.

My heart was pounding, my legs were shaking like crazy 
butterflies were going to fly out of my mouth
By Morgan Crossley Little.

Yesterday on the way to school I felt a million butterflies in my stomach, these butterflies continued to double and flap increasingly harder than a bird doing an air marathon.
By Bram Casey.

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