Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The great flag debate - should we or shouldn't we?

At the moment New Zealand is debating whether we should get a new flag or not. The designs have been narrowed down to four options.

We wrote expositions about this issue. Here are some of our thoughts....

I think that we should change the flag because we have had the current one for many years now. One reason why we should change is that the colours aren't that exciting. Another reason is because we have grown out of the current one. 
By Lachie

Do we really need a new flag? What wrong with the old one? It doesn't matter if we just keep the old one as it does no harm.
All of the money is just going to waste. Think of all the kids and adults that don't have enough food or even a house! The money could be spent on them instead.

I think that that flag shouldn't be changed. It's cool to have a similar flag to Australia because we used to be connected but an earthquake broke us apart. I think that we don't need to spend $23 million on getting a new flag when it should be spent on something like curing kids with cancer or kids thast go to school and have no lunch. Our flag is fine the way it is, why change it!?
By Sarah

Should we change the flag? I think no, it's a waste of time and money. 
I think we shouldn't change the flag because the money could go to other things like cancer research and poverty. It shouldn't be changed because we fought in two world wars with our current flag and its been with us since 1840. The money should go towards cancer research because a cancer cure is better than a flag and New Zealanders died with our current flag in both world wars. We should put more money to poverty to sort houses without insulation and providing food for people who don't have enough.
By Blake

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