Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Year 5s rule the school..well for a week at least!

While the Year 6s were at camp the Year 5s took over the school. We had lots of fun playing,  running and doing art. I was thinking of what the Year 6s were doing but my friends were thinking about what we were going to do next.At lunch we were all thinking about what we should do next to take over the school but I was to busy playing on the playground.After lunch we had milk- a good way to take over the school.Then we got to have a story I loved it because it's a good way to rule the school!The next day the Year 6s were coming back boooooo!We had to tell them on Monday what was going on!
By Megan


  1. fantastic art

  2. wow i really love megans its so cool =)=)=)=)

  3. wow i really love your one megans its so cool