Thursday, 26 May 2016

Sell it!

This house sounds amazing. Read our writing below and then have a look at the photo...would you buy it?

Wonderful water view from your bedroom window.
Lovely warm cosy straw roof with lots of room to park your boat just outside your house.
Very peaceful nice and cool in the house.
A great walkway and sparkling water view.
By Poppy

Phenomenal waterfront home

This home is natural in the bush. The house is small but sweet. On water parking. Nice and private. Room for one or two walkways, and lots of fantastic firewood. Homely and does not take much cleaning. No loud traffic!
By Maddix

Beautiful waterfront home!

With free parking for your boat, easy cleaning and the biggest pool you've ever seen- for free! Surrounded by glorious greenery, you won't want to miss this tranquil little beauty! With no traffic noise, and easy track access , it's the best summer home around! Great for a single or a couple. 
Get in quick, it'll go.
By Bram

This fantastic house is good for staying in. There is a swimming hole and it is calm and quiet. There is spectacular juicy green grass. Beautiful views you can wake up and go for swim. 
By Lachie Groves

Amazing water side home.
Great water to go fishing in. Lots of boat parking. No windows to clean. Great pathway.
Peaceful and quiet.
By Brock

1.Glorious water that you can swim in and use a boat in.
2.Dazzling view with glowing trees and sparkling water.
3.A unique hut that you won't find anywhere else.
4.You don't need to go out for food because there is heaps of room for fishing.
5.Bizarre spot for a house but it's nice and private.
By Dean

Super swimming house!

Beautiful water house where the sun just pours down on a summers day. Free swimming access every day. Spectacular view and lovely walks. Unbelievable water space to park your boat. Brilliant fishing place right outside your house!

By Violet

This house has a wonderful water view.
Great place to park your boat.
Lovely swimming hole,and great place to chill and relax in the summer.
Bright flax and straw roof.
Amazing water to swim in with the dolphins!
By Indy

Easy living place. NO cleaning and NO traffic jam noises. You can jump off the roof into the
sparkling water. Lovely water to fish in. Great peace and quiet. No bus going past in the morning when you wake up in your awesome and amazing bed and you're looking up at the stars!!!
By Maddie


  1. Maddix if that was your disaster re home I know that you would jump off the roof you would fool throw the roof and hort your self

  2. What happens if you don't have a boat

  3. jamp of the roff dean and duffman

  4. What if you walk on it and it collapsed?

  5. That looks kinda small does int it