Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Experimental POPCORN!!!

I can see the pot shaking around the popcorn. I can smell the delicate taste of fresh popcorn. I could hear the pop pop popping noise that yummy popcorn makes. I could feel the annoyance that I had to wait to taste a piece of heaven. I can taste the crunch as I savour each delicious piece.

                                                  By Violet Reid

I could smell delicious butter popcorn. I could hear thundering popcorn popping. I was feeling like I needed popcorn. I could taste crunchy popcorn going crunch crunch crunch.

by Lachie Groves

I learnt that popcorn has water in it and when you heat it up the water evaporates into steam and expands and then it explodes. This stuff called cornstarch melts under the heat and when it exploded the corn starch is in a cooler temperature and turns into the white stuff that you eat.
By Tom Rasmussen


  1. it looked fun I like it

  2. wow lots of popcorn yaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. science was lots of fun

  4. Wow I'm hungry ��

  5. When I was taking photos I got a real funny one and me and ty were laughing our heads off

  6. Haha lol very funny made I'm hungry to